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present 1 |ˈprezənt| adjective 1 [ predic. ] (of a person) in a particular place; being, existing, or occurring at this time or now; current: In my opinion, the key to success is the willingness to be present, to simply show up. Every day. This lovely lady has been present in my life since I was 13 ½ years old. She has been caring for […]

His Place in the Sun

On a Summer’s day             We choked upon his secret place             We walked into an unveiling cry             He accepted life off a bridge             His conclusion to a why On a Summer’s day             Life offered temporary despair              A contract of permanent solution             I cry guilty […]


We’re going to have to work together. I’m watching his labored breathing. Hearing his cough and an unrestful sleep. He’s looking at me, giving me his understanding not necessarily accepting. Fourteen years have built a friendship.      A motherly devotion. Here, now, is an arrival of a season, a tradition of life. Painful. I want to […]