The Request


Your voice, knocking,

waking me

encouraging me

to ask for your forgiveness

of how I treated you

harshly, with unkindness

I asked you to wait for me, wait, wait, and wait for me

I asked you to stop moving knowing you were incapable

I constantly measured you, counted you, deleted you,

shouted at your stubbornness,


to see it my way,

I made demands of you,

pushed you,

cursed your presence

on my face,

on my skin,

in my blood,

my bones and muscles

in my memories, my reflections, my children

I ignored your gifts

of seasons,

of lessons,

of unrepeated mistakes,

the past and bygone loves

only embracing your quiet moments,


adult children,

present love

I took advantage of your abundance,

your plenty,

your unconditional availability

But you ignored all of my mistreatment,

Your persistence never left me

So I ask you,

could we?

at this moment?


to share, equally, in tandem, for the rest of my days, work together, side by side,

honoring each other, and could you,

forgive me?

Because, my dear, immeasurable,


I forgive you.




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