His Place in the Sun


On a Summer’s day

            We choked upon his secret place

            We walked into an unveiling cry

            He accepted life off a bridge

            His conclusion to a why

On a Summer’s day

            Life offered temporary despair

             A contract of permanent solution

            I cry guilty bleeding love

            I gulp the regrettable pollution

 On a summer’s day

            We honor the passionate spider

            We shine the magnificent engineer

            The mathematician to the blind

            An Emperor Teller of robotic tier

 On a summer’s day

            The professor of affliction

            A leading light of honored gifts

            I pine for toes in the water

            I hunger oranges down our wrists

 On a summer’s day

            I laugh in crowded clouds

            I master life of pretending

            A loss heartbeat upon my back

            A life worth constant defending

On a Summer’s day

            I swallow the blistering answer

            His relief has echoed the begun


I say goodbye

            To his place in the sun.



1 Comment

  1. A beautiful yet tragic reflection and tribute, thank you for sharing. Your words have captured the pain and emptiness that surround suicide so accurately.


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